The setting is Ancient Rome.  A priest is about to sacrifice a sheep to the gods—hardly unusual.  Unfortunately, this priest has not yet completed priest ed., so he does not know what is and what isn't pleasing to the gods.  As a result, he is making a grave mistake, in sacrificing the sheep to Faunus (or Pan for you Greeks).  Faunus, being the god of wild animals, would not be happy if one of his creatures was killed.  Angering a god (even a generally peaceful one) is never a good idea, and Faunus is in a bad mood already.

Therefore it is your job to stop the priest.  How?  Guessing random English or Latin words! You've probably played the modernized version, hangman. Good luck—do not fail, or Faunus wrath will fall upon us all.

Unmatched gameplay features

Agni has infinitely more sheep than most hangman games. Agni sheep tend to be cuter and friendlier than the average sheep. Agni uses a revolutionary letter-guessing system (alphabetical order) and high-def lifelike animations.

Mix-and-Match Words

Play in either Latin or English, or mix word sets from the two. Large word sets ensure lots of gameplay, and combining word sets allows for new possibilities. Keep track of how many words you win (in a session) from any category.

Change up the game

Chose one of an ever-growing collection of Sheep Skins. New, carefully designed skins are released periodically and automatically downloaded. Your sheep has never looked this fresh.