Agni Nuncium (News) – 22 June 2016 AD

It’s been a while since I’ve updated or even mentioned it, but I’m still improving Agni! So here’s a few things to look for in the future:

Use the (i)Cloud…..

You may have heard about Parse, a BAAS (Backend as a service), shutting down this year.  It’s unfortunate for all the independent developers who relied on it for web-based storage, and that includes me.  So I’ve completed the task of moving all the online data to CloudKit, Apple’s solution.

What does this mean for the user?  Not much for now, although you might notice a slight increase in speed.  However, the different system allows me to create skins and word lists easier, and to implement a way for you all to make word packs!  Stay tuned…

Game Center

Although Apple has removed the Game Center app in iOS 10, its leaderboards and achievements are still very much important.  That’s why I’ve been adding achievements and an all-time wins leaderboard to Agni!  This of course means more complex stats, and learning higher roman numerals (CMXCIX anyone?).

Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2016, 11.18.10 PM

And everything else

Of course there will be lots of other improvements, interface tweaks, and bug fixes.  As always, I will keep creating new content.  If anyone would like to submit their own skins, I’d love to add them!  Just email me at

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