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Agni 1.3 released

Agni 1.3 is out!

What’s New in 1.3

  • Interace revamp
  • Statistics page
  • Game Center achievements
  • Game Center leaderboard – rise to the top
  • Sharing features

And last but definitely not least,

  • Word list creator!! (Finally)

First off, lets talk about…

Interface Revamp

Agni is always in motion, so we’ve updated the interface slightly.  There’s a brand new menu, that looks like this:

Simulator Screen Shot Aug 14, 2016, 10.28.55 PM

Inside, you’ll see each page looks a little different.

Also, on the home page, the counter counts your streak.  Clicking on it takes you to the stats page, which is next…

Statistics and such

We at Agni love numbers.  If you are too, you can now view things like total wins, current streak, best streak, etc.

You will get very good at reading Roman numerals

You will get very good at reading Roman numerals

Game Center

Apple may have removed the Game Center app in iOS 10, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use its cool features.  Agni now has 12 unique achievements, ranging from Eheu (Lose  a game) to Centum (Win 100 games).

The other main part of this is a new leaderboard for all-time wins.  You can see just how you stack up against other Agni players (I’m currently in 6th).

And finally,

Word list creator

The word list creator was perhaps the most-requested feature (after hints—on the way).  With it you can create your own word lists and share them with your friends to your heart’s content.  These can be used in normal play just like the default ones.

Simulator Screen Shot Aug 14, 2016, 11.10.23 PM

And that’s about it for now.  Download the update, share Agni with everyone you know, and keep saving those sheep!

Agni Nuncium (News) – 22 June 2016 AD

It’s been a while since I’ve updated or even mentioned it, but I’m still improving Agni! So here’s a few things to look for in the future:

Use the (i)Cloud…..

You may have heard about Parse, a BAAS (Backend as a service), shutting down this year.  It’s unfortunate for all the independent developers who relied on it for web-based storage, and that includes me.  So I’ve completed the task of moving all the online data to CloudKit, Apple’s solution.

What does this mean for the user?  Not much for now, although you might notice a slight increase in speed.  However, the different system allows me to create skins and word lists easier, and to implement a way for you all to make word packs!  Stay tuned…

Game Center

Although Apple has removed the Game Center app in iOS 10, its leaderboards and achievements are still very much important.  That’s why I’ve been adding achievements and an all-time wins leaderboard to Agni!  This of course means more complex stats, and learning higher roman numerals (CMXCIX anyone?).

Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2016, 11.18.10 PM

And everything else

Of course there will be lots of other improvements, interface tweaks, and bug fixes.  As always, I will keep creating new content.  If anyone would like to submit their own skins, I’d love to add them!  Just email me at

Agni 1.2 is out!

Salvete, omnes!

After a little difficulty (2 rejections for in-app purchase configuration), the update is on the Store and ready to be downloaded!  The update brings a smattering of new features and tweaks, including (but not limited to):

  • Sheep Skins!  Under the in-app Settings, there is an option to change your sheep into one of many unique skins.  Best of all, this will be frequently updated by the Agni graphics team.
  • New interface: the keyboard, layout, even the font looks different
  • Many minor tweaks (auto-download resources, play your own music, roman numeral counter)

So get at it!  Valete, and look for future revolutionary updates.

Agni Nuncium (News) – 6/23/2015 AD

Agni has passed 100 downloads!

Version 1.1 is on the App Store, with a soundtrack thanks to the wonders of GarageBand.  Also, sound effects if you’re that kind of person.

Agni has been mentioned in the Latin blog Bestiaria, which receives thousands of visits each month.  Thanks to Laura Gibbs for the mention!

Big update in the works.  After getting advice from an Apple designer at WWDC, I have decided to overhaul Agni’s interface.  Expect an update soon with fewer tabs, more settings buttons, a redesigned revolutionary letter-guessing system, and maybe even Sheep Skins.  Stay tuned.

Finally, as always just email questions, complaints, improvements, proposals, and any other form of communication to me at

Agni launches!

Today, Agni was approved for the App Store.  Download it for free at this link.  I will listen to feedback to direct Agni’s updates.  Some ideas:

  • Change the sheep/person/sword to other things
  • Submit your own words
  • Agni with friends!

Thanks to everyone who helped!  Watch for updates!