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Agni Nuncium (News) – 6/23/2015 AD

Agni has passed 100 downloads!

Version 1.1 is on the App Store, with a soundtrack thanks to the wonders of GarageBand.  Also, sound effects if you’re that kind of person.

Agni has been mentioned in the Latin blog Bestiaria, which receives thousands of visits each month.  Thanks to Laura Gibbs for the mention!

Big update in the works.  After getting advice from an Apple designer at WWDC, I have decided to overhaul Agni’s interface.  Expect an update soon with fewer tabs, more settings buttons, a redesigned revolutionary letter-guessing system, and maybe even Sheep Skins.  Stay tuned.

Finally, as always just email questions, complaints, improvements, proposals, and any other form of communication to me at