Web Apps: Another Way

Web Apps: Another Way

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These days, “apps” are programs for our mobile devices, or small applications on our computers. Before the App Store, apps were small bits of code designed to do one thing–and we’re mostly found on the web.

Web apps are now making a reappearance. With Apple’s limitations, people have looked for ways to provide better services. Combined with Safari allowing you to put shortcuts on the Springboard, Web Apps can still be useful.

One of my favorite web apps is iCustom from tooliphone. It lets you change app icons by making your uploaded image the page icon, then having an auto-redirect to the desired app. When saved as a shortcut, this web app will launch an app–with a custom icon.

Another web app I like is Flinto. It allows you to test app icons in a similar way as iCustom.

All of these examples don’t require jailbreaking or anything against Apple. They are expanding the functionality of iDevices in more and more ways.



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