Instapaper and Pocket: Simplicity is the ultimate…

Instapaper and Pocket: Simplicity is the ultimate…

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Many newsreaders, web surfers, or random internet users, if they’re anything like me, may face a dilemma. They found a great website, article, or anything on the web, but aren’t sure the best way to save it. They try bookmarks, text lists, self-addressed emails, and it all results in more disorganization then before.

instapaperInstapaper and Pocket are both apps, bookmarklets, and extensions. With a simple click of the bookmark, extension, or app, you can save an article to your library. Your library syncs across device, phone, and computer automatically, and provides options for each.

Instapaper and Pocket both provide very similar options.  The main difference is interface—Instapaper has a minimalistic approach, while Pocket’s interface is more colorful.  Both are extremely easy to use.

Instapaper shows only the most fundamental options. It gives a “Read Later”, “Liked”, “Archive”, “Videos”,”Browse”, and “Folders” tab. Other controls are as simple as they come, with only a Filter, Sort, Search, and Edit button. The Edit button reveals several more options, like Archiving, Deleting, or moving to a folder. Sliding on an article provides the same options.

pocketPocket has very similar options, and a virtually identical experience.

Both are completely free, and though you can purchase a subscription, all the main features are available without purchase. Both have no advertisements, and no pop ups constantly asking for subscription.


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