Customize Your Flash Drive

Customize Your Flash Drive

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The "autorun.inf" file is an important file for flash drives and CD's. Whenever you insert a flash drive or CD into your computer it searches for the file so that it knows the information needed to be displayed.

Some of the things you will be able to do with it is change the title and icon of your flash drive. Now, you may be saying to me that you already know how to change the name of your flash drive, but I the way I will be teaching you is better. This way will not make the name appear in all caps and will have no character limit.

However the "autorun.inf" file can only be used on a windows computer. A flash drive with an autorun file will appear unchanged on a mac.

Something important for you to know is the when I tell you to put a line of code in it will look like "This is my Code". All you need to put in file is whatever is in the quotes. Make sure not to type the quotes.


Setting it Up

Create a new text file in your flash drive and rename it "autorun.inf". Put this file in the first folder of the flash drive (the one that comes up when you first open the flash drive. This is very important because otherwise the computer will not find the file when you plug-in your flash drive.

Next you want to edit the file. The first thing you need to do is put "[autorun]" at the top of the line without spaces or anything else. On the next line under it write "label=", followed by the name you want to give your flash drive, without a space after the equal sign. Anything after the equal sign can contain spaces, and the case of the letter will matter. For me this line of code looks like "label=METSploration". This will name the flash drive METSploration.

On the next line, type "icon=", followed by the location and name of your icon file. Your icon will be a picture of whatever you like but it will appear really small so take that into consideration. My icon file is named icon and is in the folder METSploration. For me it would look like this "icon=METSplorationicon.ico". Note the .ico extension.

If you don't have an icon file you can browse for some here or if you have a picture in mind go to here.

Once you finish all of that, save the file, safely eject your flash drive, and re-insert your flash drive. This will allow the the changes you made to take effect. Since the "autorun.inf" file is only read when your flash drive is connected to the computer, any changes you make to the file will not take effect until the next time your flash drive is re-connected to your computer. If you did it correctly it should notice that the window that pops-up when you connect your flash drive has an icon for it and the name is not in all caps.


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