Happy Birthday metsploration

Happy Birthday metsploration

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A year ago, I created a little wordpress.com blog for fun.  I had no idea it would become a full-fledged private hosted website, with 30+ views a day.  But it sure has changed in a year.

The original METSploration had a blocky layout with one single stream of posts.  Its name had the capitalized four letters to draw attention to the four subjects.  The domain was metsploration.wordpress.com.

May 22, I purchased a domain from wordpress.com.  The site slowly gained features such as quizzes, puzzles, and code archives.  Soon it was time for another change.  

August 2, METSploration completed the transfer to a private host.  Almost immediately, I began changing to the 2nd interface, with a featured slider and different slots for different categories.  This finally classified METSploration as a magazine-style blog.

And now, as of February 3, 2014, metsploration is going through its third change.  The interface has changed to a responsive one.  The colors and styles are simpler.  Also, the mets is no longer capitalized.  This represents how metsploration isn't just four subjects.  It's an idea, a way of thinking.  An exploration of the world around, how it relates to itself, and how we can improve it.

This can be seen through metsploration's numerous logo changes.

I invite you to join, also.  Simply register here to become a contributor.  It only takes an email and username.  And if you enjoy metsploration, tell a friend.

Happy Birthday metsploration.

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