Dringend: Welcome to the future

Dringend: Welcome to the future

Only hours ago, SquaredTiki released Dringend, a fully-fledged development app for the iPad.  It is now on the App Store for 10 dollars.

What is Dringend?

Previously, we reviewed Codea, which represented a huge leap forward in mobile development.  Now once again, Dringend has pushed that farther.  

Dringend is a complete app for developing apps on an iPad.  It lets you build applications on your iPad, and even immediately test them, if you have a developer account.  Otherwise, they can be sent to XCode for testing.  

Dringend already supports many features for coding including syntax highlighting, find and replace, automatic highlighting, code structuring, and additional keys.  With Dropbox, you can sync projects from the app to XCode.  It even provides the same templates as XCode.

One thing Dringend does not yet support, though, is visually building interfaces with the storyboard.  This requires the user to know how to programmatically design the interface, or design the interface with XCode.  Obviously, XCode is required for compilation and publishing.  "The Constructor" is a Mac app that allows you to connect to the Mac from far away and compile, and then have the test sent to the device immediately.

So Dringend obviously has some downsides.  It's only hours old, though, and is improving rapidly.  Some features, especially storyboards, will come with time.  Others, such as publishing, may require a change on Apple's part, one that could take many years and software updates.  Yet right now, it is the most powerful tool for developers working on an iPad.  And with syncing and The Constructor, it is a practical and useful app.  And at only 10 dollars, it makes mobile development a real possibility.


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