DevBox! (Reposted from hotPotato)

DevBox! (Reposted from hotPotato)

Anyone who has created an app knows that one of the time-consuming and trivial tasks that you must do is resizing app icons.  I often spend around 20 minutes just doing this, and than realize some imperfection in the original design.  The process repeats.

Currently on Cult Of Mac Deals, they are offering a package of Mac apps for developers, “The Free Mac Developer Toolkit”.  While the code editor is mediocre, one application, DevBox, is a gem.

DevBox describes itself as an “All-in-one mobile development toolbox”.  It certainly simplifies many parts of app development.


DevBox’s main functions are graphic-centered.  It can generate placeholders, resize images, work with colors, and generate icon sizes (my favorite); but it can also validate .ipa files, display device capabilities, and create QR codes.

DevBox feels like it was created by someone who understood what an app developer has to do.  Its functions are intuitive and useful, and its interface is well laid-out.

So thanks to Untamed Interactive for your great product.  My one complaint is that the icon sizes are not updated for iOS 8, but that’s a minor detail.

Now, back to hotPotato development…



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