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Today I introduce Quiz Articles! This is how it works: I will post an article on a random subject of science. I will give you a few days to learn the material. Then, I will remove the article from the website and replace it with a quiz about the article. Have fun and good luck!

Scientists have recently discovered that the four fundamental forces act upon special fields. Certain things or qualities trigger the fields and allow particles or an excitation of these fields to act upon the object. Let’s say that we are talking about the moon. The moon has mass. This quality of the moon excites the field of gravity. Because it has this quality, it has gravitons, which in turn give it gravity. A graviton is the particle or excitation of the Gravity field. Each fundamental force has its own field upon which it acts upon and its own particle or excitation. They are Gravitons (Gravity), Photons (Electromagnetic), and the W- and Z- Bosons (Strong and Weak). These particles are actually energy in a form as an excitation. All particles are some form of condensed energy. Everything is energy.

Please note that the graviton is only hypothetical while the Photon and W- and Z- Bosons are confirmed to exist.

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I was recently informed by someone that my riddles did not “challenge the brain.” Well today, I believe I am giving some pretty challenging puzzles that some of the greatest minds in America had a reasonable amount of trouble completing.


1. Sally is walking in a town notorious for its liars and truth-tellers. A citizen in this town has to be either a liar or a truth-teller. Sally meets two woman on a path. They both happen to be citizens of the town. Sally asks, “Are either of you a truth-teller?” After one of the women answers, Sally knows the truth. What did the woman say?

2. Shopping can provide a terrible dilemma, a new couple discovered. three pounds of potatoes and two pounds of eggplants cost $2.25. Or they could just but eggplants for the same amount of money and make a casserole out of all those eggplants. But potatoes are cheaper than eggplants. How much do the potatoes cost?

3. The new teacher thought she’d get the children to drink the milk at recess more cheerfully by offering cookies with it. A lot of children had illnesses and were out, causing various numbers of children to be present the next day. One day the teacher noted that if there were five fewer children the next day, they would get two cookies more if she brought the same number she brought that day. However, the absentee list was low the next day, and she had four more children instead of five fewer. This meant that each received one cookie less than each child had received the day before. How many cookies did the children get the second day.

Have fun!

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According to the story, Lewis Carroll asked his friend, a distinguished algebraist, this problem:

Suppose x=1 and y=1

This gives x—y = 0 and x2—y2 = 0

We can see that 2(x2—y2) = 0

And that 5(x—y) = 0

Therefore 2(x2—y2) = 5(x—y)

Dividing both sides by x—y yields:
2(x+y) = 5

But x=1 and y=1 so x+y = 2

So this gives 2(2) = 5

Why is this?

When we divided by x—y, we were dividing by 1—1, or 0. The x2—y2 factoring rule works only if x—y is not equal to 0.

In dividing by zero, we proved that infinity=infinity!

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Here are three riddles for you to do. Have fun!

1. What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters?

2. What is a word that changes amount and gender when you add the letter “S”?

3. How many times can you subtract the number 2 from the number 50?

If you have an answer or believe that this is witchcraft, contact me below!!!

Hey everybody!!! Here is today’s leader board:

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Today’s problem:

H2C + O4 → H4 + C2O4

This isn’t as hard as it looks! Give it a try!!! From now on, use the contact form below fort your answers!