Refresh and Renew: PR v1.2.1

First of all, I have received news that the previous update (1.2) broke the access to the Runs and/or Triathlons panels.  As the settings feature was not widely-used, and was causing this problem, it has been removed.  The bugs are gone, and all is well in the world.

Secondly, PR has gone through re-branding.  Download the update, and you’ll notice it’s name is now “myPRs”.  The change was made to distinguish PR from similar apps, and also to reflect how personal and unique your records should be.  With the new name comes a new icon and loading screen.  Same familiar color scheme, just updated to look more modern.

So what’s next for myPRs?  At some point, I will transition all of its code to Apple Swift, thus producing a more stable and “swift” experience.  I will also look into additional features such as an Apple Watch app (records on your wrist), new categories, and better organization.

Keep running/biking/swimming!

PR 1.1

The stable version of PR 1.1(.1) is released. This brings history–track your progress on any given distance.  The record detail page now has a toolbar instead of the menu buttons, and deleting lets you delete all records for a length, or just the most recent one.

Download today!

PR has been accepted!

Today marks the day when PR is accepted and uploaded to the App Store. Over 24 hours, it should become available to purchase.   Thanks to my beta testers and supporters.